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Through the diverse space of the internet, you have found this wonderful “little universe”, and you are welcome. This is Clay Media, an outlet for the African energy. Here, Africa finds a home through her diverse stories and innovations. In this universe, you will find stories relating to the African people, but with a twisted backlog.

Think “Harry Potter” but with a drop of “Hotter Topper”, revolving around Fintech and Africans and, of course, African Fintech.

Some categories that would be featured in this blog are:


Follow the stories of these Africans who took a blind leap into their dreams and made them realities. Expect success stories of average African men and women who’ve made marks in their various industries, sharing their tales to encourage us all, and give us that push to “keep going”.

Millennials vs. GenZ

Short content on controversial topics revolving around millennials and Gen Z in the tech world, savings world, shopping, career, relationship, family life, and others. These war stories will crack you up, tie your seat belt while we take you on a long ride with these generations, their way of thinking, their ideas, etc…


This is a space where African women share their experiences in dating, businesses, networking, skincare, hair, career, holidays, and other parts of life. This is the section of the blog where women share their experiences in dating, business, and other parts of life. Expect witty but “smart” stories of women breaking bias and making names for themselves.


People say you can’t save your way out of poverty, here we strive to prove them wrong. Here are some financial, savings, and investment tips to chase away the spirit of “poverty” or “brokenness”. In this section, you will get weekly exclusive tips to help EndSapaToday and live La Vie da Loca.


These days, all young men and women are looking to go into Crypto. In this case, the bro code applies to all genders. Follow the stories and take a sneak peek at what financial bros are up to, and the tips they’ve got in surplus. Here, Fintech-bros talk about venturing into the foray of crypto, forex, stock, and online businesses.


What better way to build your brain power and challenge yourself than fun-themed trivia? Grab your thinking caps and clay-in with us. Follow interesting bits of Trivia facts on tech and Africa.

Word of the day

Are you ready to become sagacious with top tech/smart words? Be up-to-date with rare known words and their definition and used in a sentence with pop culture references.

BusyBody Corner

Who doesn’t love busybody gists? Let’s poke around and gossip about it all day long. Stay tuned to the BusyBody Corner, and never miss out on the latest buzz.

These are just a number of the several packages we have for you.

Now that we’ve successfully introduced you to our universe, get ready to be wowed, because this is going to be a fun-filled ride.

Stay tuned and regards,

Alexandra Oyelola,
Content Writer,
For: Clay Media Team.

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